Accountability court urged to seize Hassan, Hussain Nawaz’s assets

As the deadline for Nawaz Sharif’s sons to appear in court in connection to the accountability references against them lapsed, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Tuesday requested the court seize Hassan and Hussain Nawaz’s properties.

The deadline for the Sharif sons to appear in court in connection with the Flagship Investments, Al-Azizia Steel Mills and Avenfield references ─ which also named Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Captain Safdar ─ lapsed on Nov 10.

Hassan and Hussain failed to appear in court despite the issuance of a proclamation against them last month, the NB deputy prosecutor general (DPG) said, adding that the notice had been pasted on the premises of the Federal Judicial Complex (FJC) on Oct 12.

The notice asking the brothers to surrender and attend court had also been pasted outside the Sharifs’ various residences and sent to London through the Foreign Office, he told the court.

The NAB DPG asserted that the body had done its due diligence in attempting to get the two suspects to cooperate with the court, and now requested their properties be seized as they continued to avoid court.

The lawyer submitted a report containing details of the properties owned by the brothers. The report said neither of the brothers owns properties in the Lahore Development Authority or the Defence Housing Authority.

Hussain does, however, have four bank accounts in a local private bank. One account holds $3,992, the second holds 4,272 euros, the third has 207.53 pounds while the fourth has Rs382,381 in it,” the report said.

The NAB DPG also observed that all investigation officers had recorded their statements in all three corruption references, and had completed all possible proceedings against Sharif’s sons.

Therefore, he requested, their assets should be confiscated by the court.

After hearing the NAB prosecutor’s arguments, the hearing was adjourned until Wednesday. Monitoring Desk