World leaders approve joint communique, outcome list for Belt and Road cooperation

BEIJING: Leaders from 30 countries and key international organizations reached broad consensus on the Belt and Road cooperation as they adopted a joint communique and released an outcome list here on Monday.
The world leaders agreed to promote international cooperation on the Belt and Road development and jointly tackle challenges facing the global economy.
Noting that the Belt and Road Initiative can create opportunities amidst challenges and change, they welcomed and supported the Initiative to enhance connectivity between Asia and Europe, which is also open to other regions such and Africa and South America.
They emphasize the opportunities which can be created by communication and coordination among other global, regional and national frameworks and initiatives for promoting cooperation in connectivity and sustainable development.
The world leaders reaffirmed their shared commitment to build open economy, ensure free and inclusive trade and oppose all forms of protectionism including in the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.
They reiterated the importance of expanding economic growth, trade and investment, strengthening physical, institutional and people to people connectivity among all countries.
They would endeavor to promote peace, justice, social cohesion, inclusiveness, democracy, good governance, the rule of law, human rights, gender equality and women empowerment.
They expressed determination to protect the planet from degradation including through taking urgent action on climate change.
The leaders uphold the spirit of peace, cooperation, openness, transparency, inclusiveness, equality, mutual learning, benefit and respect by strengthening cooperation on the basis of extensive consultation and the rule of law, joint efforts, shared benefits and equal opportunities for all.
The also affirmed the need to prioritize policy consultation, trade promotion, infrastructure connectivity, financial cooperation and people to people exchanges and highlighted concrete actions in accordance with their national laws and regulations and international obligations.
“Over joint endeavor on the Belt and Road Initiative and seeking complementarities with other connectivity initiatives provide new opportunities and impetus for international cooperation,” they said.
They reiterated that promoting peace, mutually beneficial cooperation, and honoring purposes and principles of the UN charter and international law were their shared responsibilities; achieving inclusive and sustainable growth and development and improving people’s quality of the life were common goals; creating a prosperous and peaceful community with shared future for mankind was common aspiration.
The roundtable summit was part of the two-day forum which was attended by 30 heads of state and government leaders including Chinese President Xi Jinping.
The forum is the most important meeting on the Belt and Road Initiative since Xi first made the proposal in 2013. It is also the largest-scale and highest-level international gathering initiated by China. APP