Islamic Science Exhibition at Alhuda International School fascinates people of twin cities

ISLAMABAD: AlHuda International School hosted its 4th Islamic Science Exhibition(AIEx) on at its flagship campus,H-11/4 Islamabad. The theme of the exhibition was Space – Beyond the Horizon. The main objective of the exhibition was to show the connection of the Islamic teachings with the modern day Science and Technology, and to provide a forum for children to pursue their natural curiosity and inventiveness to quench their thirst for creativity.



The event was graced by many dignitaries of the twin cities such as Dr. Hanif Muhammad, Director (National Weather Forecasting Centre), Justice Dr. Muhammad Al- Ghazali, Ad-hoc Member, Shariat Appellate Bench, Mr. Zamarud Khan, former chairman of Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal, the faculty members from the institute of Space and Technology. Number of schools and educational institutes visited the mesmerizing projects.




The program started with the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran. While visiting the projects and displays of the students, guests appreciated the efforts of the institute on equipping its students with ample knowledge of religion as well as providing them with the opportunity to learn and understand the scientific working of the world around us. Furthermore, they expressed their pleasure at visiting the exhibition and mentioned how much they have enjoyed learning scientific facts in an Islamic perspective and seeing technology in action through the eyes of our future generation.

The venue was split into two zones in sync with the theme of the event. From Montessori to the secondary level, children displayed their projects on different themes like Stars, Planets Galaxies, Space Exploration, Our place in Space and International Space Station (ISS). Students were very well rehearsed in their scientific as well as Islamic knowledge of the projects and experiments. Some of the projects were about the beginning and the end of the universe. By exhibiting the projects, the objective to recognize the grandeur of Allah and explore the signs of Allah through Science was achieved. The zeal, energy and enthusiasm of the children was oozing out from auras which was a sight worth watching. The presentable blend of Science, Technology and Art attracted the attention of a huge number of visitors to this event.

The exhibition concluded with the director’s note. He highlighted the essential elements of the AIS mission as being a vital factor in the development of AIS students as responsible Muslims, contributing citizens and respectful human beings. He emphasized on the importance of recognizing and respecting our Creator. He explained that the exclusive features of AIS imparting authentic Islamic education, parent’s involvement, motivated and dedicated teachers and a progressive environment. Atif Iqbal thanked the honorable and  distinguish guests for gracing the occasion and encouraging the students.