Pak raps Japan’s ‘discriminatory’ nuclear deal with India

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan fears Japan’s signing of a civilian nuclear technology deal with India could undermine regional stability, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said, while asking the international community not to discriminate against his country in favour of its archrival neighbour.
Nafees Zakaria, in an interview with a Japanese News Agency urged Japan and other countries “to objectively assess the consequences of discriminatory approaches to our region.”
Pakistan, he said, considers that the exemption granted to India by the Vienna-based Nuclear Suppliers Group, effectively allowing the South Asian country to expand its nuclear power industry, “has negatively impacted the strategic balance in the region.” “It has allowed India to gain access to foreign sources of nuclear fuel and freed up its domestic reserves which are being utilized for rapid expansion of its military nuclear programme,” he said, adding, “We have taken up the issue with the Japanese side.” Agencies