‘Newsleak issue can’t be swept under the carpet’

LAHORE: Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) emir Senator Sirajul Haq says the government has not taken the news leak issue seriously and warns that the matter cannot be swept under the carpet.

In a press release issued on Sunday, he said the interior minister’s explanation had given the impression as if it was an insignificant matter that was being raised unnecessarily. He said had the government been sincere in this respect, it would have taken the parliament and the opposition into confidence and set up an independent inquiry commission. He said the institution of a controversial commission had further aggravated the situation.

Mr Haq said that after allegations of corruption, the prime minister should have stepped down till his position was cleared but he was trying to save himself, adding to the doubts.

Meanwhile, JI secretary general Liaqat Baloch condemned the terrorist attack at the shrine of Shah Noorani in Balochistan and termed it an attempt to plunge the county into a sectarian strife.

He said terror incidents had increased after Indian prime minister’s admission of interference in the province. He said the terrorist activities were aimed at diverting the world attention from Indian forces atrocities in the held Kashmir. PR