Pakistan opposes creation of new permanent seats at UN SC

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Dr Maleeha Lodhi on Monday said that Pakistan firmly opposes the creation of new permanent seats at Security Council.

Lodhi was addressing the General Assembly session on Security Council Reforms. She termed the creation of new permanent seats “the antithesis of principles enshrined in the UN Charter”.

She, however, said that “Pakistan supports expansion of non-permanent seats in the Security Council to make it more democratic, accountable, transparent and effective”.

The Pakistan’s envoy went on to say that the current long deadlock in Security Council reform process was due to a handful of states seeking to “promote a self arrogated right to an unequal status”.

She conveyed Pakistan’s stance that, “Adding more permanent seats to Security Council will only serve to satisfy the hunger for power and privilege of a few and not address issue of representation.” Agencies