Nawaz Shrif should be first to face accountability: Imran

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said on Sunday that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would be the first one to be accounted for corruption adding that if it was proven that he was involved in corruption then he will have to go to jail.
Addressing the party’s rally organised at the Charing Cross here he stated that all opposition parties will demand of the Prime Minister to constitute a commission under the Chief Justice in the joint meeting to be held today.
“Your accountability will be first, Nawaz Sharif. After that hold me and all of PTI accountable,” the PTI chief said.
He stated that accountability needs to be done of the Prime Minister, not the 200 others named in the Panama Leaks. He added that the PM has no moral authority to stay as the country’s Prime Minister any longer.
Imran said the PTI would give time to the prime minister until the parties finalise the Terms of References for Panama leaks inquiry, after which he might decide to march towards Raiwind.
“Allegations against the Prime Minister have been proven in the Panama Leaks”, he said. He said he would not step back from the promises he has made. Khan said that the party workers need to be ready as he can give them a call to organise sit-in outside the PM’s residence in Raiwind after getting done with rallies in other cities.
Imran alleged that Sharif family had only one factory before coming into power, but now — after years of staying in power — the Sharif family owns dozens of factories.
“The daily corruption count in Pakistan is around Rs12 billion and it is done in the name of new development projects and receiving kick-backs on them,” said Imran.
He said that Rs 11 billion were spent in the construction of the Raiwind estate. He said that the six camp offices of the Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif were being operated on the taxes payed by the people. He said that 2,700 policemen are deployed in Jati-Umra for the security of the Sharif family.
He stated that a rally will be organised in Faisalabad next Sunday. PTI chief said that this is the decisive time for Pakistan. He said that PM Nawaz took on-board his younger brother, Shehbaz Sharif, to support him regarding the Panama Leaks investigation.
“PM’s cheeks turn red whenever he is asked of accountability”, he said and inquired that how can a country prosper if its leaders are corrupt. He said that the Prime Minister will have to answer the allegations placed on him as this is a democratic setup.
Khan criticised federal ministers belonging to PML-N and referring to Federal Minister Khawaja Asif, he inquired “who will cater to the Rs 500 billion corruption done in the WAPDA?” Khan inquired “whether nations develop through the construction of roads or underpasses?” and added that nations are made through justice and equality. He said that Pakistan Muslim League-N workers will have to answer before God. Khan stated that the country will suffer badly if the corrupt system is allowed to operate.
On the account of International Workers Day, Khan said that Pakistan faces huge levels of poverty in current times, and in new Pakistan the workers will be given rights based on international agreements.
He said that our society has forgotten the labourers and that he shall not allow the country to be looted on the basis of privatisation.
He added that 1.5 million workers had lost their jobs in two years. He said he would focus towards the villages after getting done with the Panama Leaks investigation issue.
“I want to promise we will bring good management in public sector companies, and will not privatise them… we will not let the plundering of the public sector companies take place.” Staff Reporter