Nawaz should resign as PM: Imran

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan has urged the government to frame Terms of Reference (TOR) of the Commission on Panama disclosures in consultation with all Opposition parties and hire an international forensic audit company to take the investigation to logical conclusion, warning that the people will take to the streets and march towards Raiwind if the fully- empowered commission under the Chief Justice of Pakistan was not constituted.
Addressing the public gathering at F-9 Park held in connection with party’s 20th foundation day, the PTI Chairman came hard on the prime minister saying Nawaz Sharif will have to go as he is not left with moral standing to continue as prime minister of the country.
“When you are tax evader, money launderer and involved in other corrupt practices, how could you catch those involved in such kind of corruption. We will not accept the commission of Nawaz Sharif and the TORs framed by the government functionaries. We want an independent commission under the CJ who should have at his disposal the services of an international forensic audit firm,” he said adding that the investigation should not take much time as evidences have come to the fore.
The PTI Chairman announced to also launch a campaign against corruption from Sindh on 26th April.
He said he will also address a public gathering in Lahore next week to get the people ready for the Raiwind march. “I will also give future course of action in the Lahore gathering.”
Imran Khan said Nawaz Sharif will not be able to escape accountability this time as the nation has stood up and will not stay silent on the issue.
He said Nawaz Sharif addressed the nation twice but did not tell the truth. He will have to tell the truth on corruption and declare his assets.
He questioned the PML-N whether it was a political party or the courtiers of a king. “If the PML-N is a political party then it should have sought reply from Nawaz Sharif about his family’s assets abroad like the cabinet of Iceland forced its prime minister to resign and British PM David Cameron had to appear before the parliament to clear his stance, questioning why did Nawaz Sharif not appear before parliament to clarify his position.
The PTI Chairman also regretted the counter-allegation campaign launched by the government against the opponents. “It does not suit the government to indulge in counter-allegations but has to give answers on the charges levelled, not by the PTI or other political parties, but the Panama Papers, he said adding the government should feel ‘ashamed of pointing accusatory finger at Shaukat Khanum hospital’.
He challenged the government to hold investigation into the allegations against Shaukat Khanum. “I claim this will further raise the image of the hospital as well as disclose how much money I have contributed to Shaukat Khanum,” Imran added.
PTI chairman asked the people to hold the corrupt leaders accountable. “If we could not hold them accountable today, the country will head towards total disaster.”
He said Nawaz Sharif will be held accountable as the Panama Papers contain the name of his family. The allegations have not been levelled by Imran Khan but the Panama Papers and Nawaz Sharif will have to give answer in this regard.
“The day of new Pakistan is not very far rather we have reached very close to it as the nation has stood up against corruption,” he said adding that it is our political leaders who are corrupt and not the nation.
He said Nawaz Sharif is also planning to hold public gatherings in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “Nawaz Sharif may go ahead with his public meeting but there he will again come across Go Nawaz Go slogans.”
Imran said democracy will further strengthen when fair elections will be held and corrupt rulers held accountable. “Whenever I demand accountability and fair elections, the PML-N starts hue and cry that democracy is under threat,” he said while rejecting this notion, adding transparency will further strengthen the system.
Imran also came hard on the ongoing projects of Orange Line train and Metro Bus projects saying people are dying of hunger but the rulers are executing these projects to earn commissions.
The PTI Chairman reaffirmed the commitment to hold intra-party elections saying the election will be held after Raiwind march. Agencies