Anwar Masood enthrall journalist community at NPC

ISLAMABAD: A renowned poet known for his comic poetry Anwar Masood said that Persian language should be promoted to understand the real message of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a National poet.

Speaking at an literary evening organized by National Press Club with Anwar Maqsood here at NPC, he said that Allama Iqbal poetry cannot be understood without understanding Persian language.

He said that a National Poet Allama Iqbal wrote three books in Urdu, while remaining books in Persian language.

He said that Persian is a language of teaching and education and it is an asset from centuries.

Anwar Masood said that even National Anthem cannot be understood without understanding Persian language.

The renowned poet said that in current busy life, there is a need to promote literature among the people of the country particularly youth.

Earlier, President NPC Shakeel Anjum and poet, writer and journalist Tahir Parwaz welcomed the guest in the NPC.

A large number of journalists, families and people from different walks of life attended the event.

Later, Anwar Maqsood presented his famous comic poetry and got big applause from the participants on the occasion.

Anwar Masood is a multilingual poet of Urdu and Punjabi. His most popular poetry is in Punjabi.

His poetry gives the message of the original and pure culture of Punjab.

Masood is a unique Punjabi poet who is popular among the masses. The way he has described the different aspects of life in his poetry have never been described before. Some of his poems are so popular that wherever he goes in the Punjab, people like to listen to them again and again.

The most popular among them are Anar Kali Diyan Shanan, Aj Kee Pakaeay, Banyan, Juman Bazaar, Jehlum Dey Pul Tey, Ambri and many others.

Anwar Masood has performed in many international communities and is popular worldwide. APP