Makkah set to join top 10 global cities

ISLAMABAD: Makkah for Strategic Planning and Monitoring Secretary Adel Saleh Feeda said the municipality has a future vision for Makkah to be included among the top 10 cities worldwide in municipal services that help achieve high quality-of-life standards.

He said his administration has 37 projects in place which instil the idea of change through a strategic plan, a mission, values and objectives, Arab news reported.

In an interview, Feeda said work will begin soon to monitor performance through performance cards for all officials and employees, and a fingerprint system that will ensure professionalism while taking into account individual circumstances.

He said there is also a previous initiative in place to document the successes of 50 people that have served Makkah Municipality, including some secretaries.

He said the role of his department is to issue strategic plans and goals for the municipality in coordination with heads of different departments, as well as appropriate work and resource plans to meet such objectives.