Panama Leaks

Panama Leaks are keep haunting the Government, which is in utter confusion. It looks like a nightmare for the Government. Internal politics is keep revolving around the Panama Leaks. Opposition is building pressure. The amount of confusion has been increasing each passing minute. So far nothing has been cleared by the Government. Prime Minister and Interior Minister are not available for their comments in the country, which is leading to more speculations. They departed amidst Panama Papers’ controversy.

Reports are suggesting the names of Begum Kalsum Nawaz, Shahbaz Sharif Mariyum Safdar, Ishaq Dar, and even PM’s Principal Secretary to run the affairs of the Government on behalf of the Prime Minister if his medical treatment goes on in the Queen Mary Hospital in London. Reports of Prime Minister heath look good as far doctors are concerned. Ishaq Dar has also been bracketed in the Panama Leaks as the Deputy Finance Minister of Panama disclosed of meeting Dar, which he categorically refuses.

The name of the former is linked with money laundering as Panama Papers reveal. Confusion will only overcomes when the Prime Minister returns home and face the Panama allegations in a meaningful manner. The opposition has rejected the appointment of Justice (Retd) Sarmad Jalal Usmani as head of the Judicial Commission to make inquiry into Panama allegations against Prime Minister and his family.

Opposition leader Khurshid Shah has rejected Usmani’s appointment and suggested that Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani should be appointed as head of the inquiry commission. Imran Khan of PTI has been demanding the appointment of serving Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as head of the Judicial Commission and the resignation of the Prime Minister before the probe.  Lets see how the issue of the Judicial Commission will be settled first before the inquiry was made into Panama Leaks across the board probing all Pakistanis who are running offshore business.

Dr  Ahmad Rashid Maik 


The Panama Spring?

 The panama Leaks looks like the “Arab Spring” for Europe and Asia. Many asked if the purpose of the leaks were politically motivated to upset stable governments across Europe and Asia. They primarily pointed out Russia and China as opposing the US-dominated global policies for long. There are political causalities of the episode. The Panama papers are eaten up three governments so far namely Iceland, Ukraine, and Kirgizstan. Many more causalities are expected. Many Governments are confused. One still has to see if it was politically motivated or aim at cleaning up financial corruption political systems world over.

There is uproar in Pakistani politics. The attack was on the sibling of the Prime Minister. The matter is not clear. A judicial commission or an inquiry commission has been promised to investigate into the matter across the board. The Prime Minister has to clear his position. So are affiliates to the Pakistan People’s Party. The Chief of Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, who said heading the anti-government campaign allegedly established shell a company in the BVI using charity money.  So the scope of allegations is not just related to the Prime Minister but to other political parties and a large segment of businessmen and people accounting over 250.

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik