Raw Is Indian State Terrorism

Sultan M Hali:

Recent arrest of a serving Indian Navy Officer working for RAW, Commander Kulbhoshan Yadav from Balochistan has proved beyond a shadow of doubt that India has been interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs. In the past too numerous RAW agents have been arrested and tried in Pakistan although they have been denying their contacts with RAW but the case of Commander Yadav is different. Firstly, this is the first time a high ranking RAW operative, who is a senior terror leader has been apprehended. Secondly, a redacted version of a video has been made public in which he confesses to his involvement in acts of terror in Pakistan and his network, which he created for subversion operations in Balochistan, Karachi and FATA.
Pakistan’s intelligence agencies must be lauded for nabbing such a senior Indian RAW terrorist. The arrest of the RAW officer confirms the Pakistan point of view that India has been interfering in Pakistan and is engaged in nefarious activities to destabilise Pakistan. In the past Pakistan has been presenting dossiers of evidence to the UN Chief and US Secretary of State but these fell on deaf ears but now Pakistan is in possession of a smoking gun which proves that India has been attempting to weaken Pakistan through sub nationalists of Sind and Balochistan and sectarian terrorists like TTP.
To deflect the growing pressure, some of the Indian media has been projecting that the arrested persons was an Indian trader. The question arises what prompted a Hindu trader person to use a cover of Muslim and establish business in border area of Pakistan? It is also curious to wonder what is the purpose of establishing an Indian Consulate in Zahidan, where only 15 Sikh families are residing. In a speedy cover up action, RAW agents operating through Zahidan Consulate have been retrieved. It is imperative that Iranian Government may be asked to look into this matter seriously.
India has been blaming Pakistan through concocted stories that it is exploiting non state actors to infuse unrest in India. Now it is evident that India employs state sponsored actors to perpetrate terrorist activities in Pakistan and China. Some of the opinion makers are also linking recent wave of terrorism and activation of some sectarian organization to create unrest in Pakistan with the arrest of RAW agents. To deflect attention from the arrest, India has been spreading the news that Pakistan has denied Counselor Access to the arrested RAW terrorist. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs forgets that under Geneva protocols, victim country is not bound to provide Counselor access to an individual apprehended for engaging in espionage.
This is not the first time that India has caused subversion in Pakistan. Events before and after the 1971 debacle witnessed large scale massacre of non Bengalis and Pro-Pakistani population of East Pakistan and Bangladesh by Awami League and Mukti Bahini. These killings and tortures were mostly done in open and were witnessed by thousands of people including eminent journalists and writers. Unfortunately, stories of these atrocities have been deliberately overlooked by Bangladesh. Nevertheless, history has been preserved by the contributions of many researchers. Lawrence Lifschultz in his book titled ‘Bangladesh: The Unfinished Revolution’; Zed Press, 1979, narrates that Mukti Bahini/Awami League leader, Abdul Kader Siddiqui, personally bayoneted three prisoners to death and the entire incident was filmed by foreign film crews who were invited to witness the spectacle.
According to another report published in ‘The Times’ on December 21 1971, Siddiqui’s guerillas beat up and subsequently bayoneted and shot to death a group of prisoners after a rally near Dhaka Stadium on December 19 1971 at which Siddiqui himself gave an hour-long speech. Shortly before murdering them, the Mukti Bahini promised the prisoners a fair trial, as in any civilized country.” Indian State Terrorism is evident from India’s illegitimate occupation of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). For over six decades there persists a perpetual source of gross human rights violation and atrocities against innocent people of IOK. In order to suppress the legitimate voices of Kashmiri populace, India has enforced over 70,000 heavily armed and purposefully trained armed personnel in the valley since 1989. Indian forces deployed in IOK operate under a host of draconian laws, specific to IOK, which has turned Indian Army into an occupation force.
India has introduced draconian laws, which facilitated Indian Forces to commit unaccounted atrocities. Some of these Black Legislations include Jammu & Kashmir Public Safety Act, 1978, Jammu & Kashmir Disturbed Area Act, 1990, Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA), 1990, Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA), 1990 and the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), 2002. Under these and numerous other laws, Indian occupational forces have been given a free hand to wreak havoc on the lives, honour and property of innocent Kashmiris. These harsh laws have been grossly criticized by almost all international human rights watch dogs.
Commander Kulbhoshan Yadav’s arrest has also shed light on Indian machination to subvert the China Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC), which is an economic project having strategic outlook for the well being of lesser developed areas. It would create a link between contiguous countries as well as other regions to facilitate the trade activity. Resultantly, the region is expected to witness an economic boom with multifaceted advantages benefiting the surrounding countries in general and Pakistan in particular. Gawadar plays a key role in CPEC and in next 4-5 decades it would surpass Karachi in socio-economic development, thus offering multiple employment opportunities to the people of Balochistan.
Development of Gawadar port will not only bring prosperity to local economy and eradicate the social imbalance but also enable Balochistan to catch up with other provinces in economic and social development. Enemies of Pakistan have always created problems for the projects heralding economic progress of the country through inimical attempts. That is why CPEC remain a focus of sabotage activities of the enemy country as revealed by arrested RAW agent Kulbhoshan Yadav. Indian state terrorism stands exposed and must be condemned.

  The writer is retired PAF Group Captain and a TV talk show host.