Poor sleep in kids may raise attention deficit disorder

ISLAMABAD: If a child having an irregular sleep pattern then it is better to sort the pattern before the age of five, as not doing so may put him or her at a heightened risk of attention deficit disorders, says a new study.

Sleeping problems make it difficult for kids to adjust to school life and also increase their risk of emotional and behavioural issues at school, the study pointed out, Science Daily reported.

“If these sleep issues are not resolved by the time children are five years old then they are at risk of poorer adjustment to school,” said lead researcher Kate Williams, faculty at Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

The research was one of the first to use a large sample size and examine the long-term impact of children’s sleep on early school behaviour.

The mothers reported on children’s sleep problems, emotional and attention from birth to five years and teachers reported on children’s social emotional adjustment to school. APP