PCB overhauling; Shahryar Khan, Najam Sethi, everyone has to go now

By Salahuddin Haider:

PRIME minister Nawaz Sharif has to take a detached look and over haul the Pakistan Cricket Board, a step that will require replacing all those currently occupying office, by those genuinely interested in reviving the lost glory of a game, of which Pakistan was proud of, for years and decades.
Both Shahryar Khan and Najam Sethi have to go now. They have been treating the cricket board as their personal property—former enjoying pleasure trips, and the later offering lucrative jobs to friends. Nepotism is at its height in the cricket board, which now needs to be reviewed.
Najam Sethi should be investigated by NAB as to how he appointed his friend as director of the National Cricket Academy, a prestigious institute, created with the main purpose of grooming youngsters for future responsibilities.
But with Najam Sethi calling the shots in PCB—Sheharyar Khan being just a figure head –things are not going to improve. If the two or either of them had any grace, they should have resigned by now for bringing shame and humiliation to Pakistan, its team failing to perform in Asia Cup, and the World T-20 Cup.
How could Najam Sethi appoint a lady of his choice on fabulous salary, and then handing over a highly technical job of National Academy director to a non-cricketer. If things are done non-professionally, the result will be an obvious disgrace.
But instead of accepting responsibility,the two have brazen-facedly stuck to their seats- Sheharyar appointed a committee to probe reasons for team’s failure in the two major events. Javed Miandad, the gem of a cricketer, Yunus Khan, Misbahul Hq, and even skipper Shahid Afridi, abstaining from attending its meetings, or appearing for interviews.
To top it all, the report from coach Waqar Yunus was leaked out, by who most people know better,and would avoid naming them. People like Subhan Khan, Mohammad Akram, Intikhab Alam, have been there in one capacity or the other for 10 to 15 years, and must explain to the countrymen what has been their contribution. They all are interested in pleasure trips and drawing fat emoluments—but for what? They alone can explain.
As if the entire comedy was not enough, minister for Inter-provincial coordination Riaz Pirzada received head coach Waqar Yunus and made himself and Waqar a laughing stock. He is not a full fledged minister for sports, and even if he has to look after sports as minister, PCB does not come under purview. Cricket board is answerable only to prime minister who is PCB’s patron in chief. In what capacity, then Riaz Pirzada met Waqar Yunus and promised to secure an appointment for him with Nawaz Sharif. The minister should be taken to task for over-stepping his limits.
The probe committee, a put up show, has now recommended removal of selection committee, head coach waqar yunus, and stripping Shahid Afridi from captaincy.
Shahid Afridi does not qualify to be in the team. His performance has been zero for years. A player who can not perform, is made captain—what a joke! He should be removed from the list of players now. He can not bat—has just 6 centuries in over 300 limited over games, and now his bowling too has been spineless. He concedes far too many runs, He must be dropped now for good.
The prime minister should keep his friendship at a distance from national interest. Countrymen demand removal of Sheharyar Khan, and Najam Sethi forthwith. Najam Sethi is the main culprit—the “birdman” of PCB. Where has the “bird” –his “churia”—gone, and not conveying him what has going wrong with the cricket. IOur pride has been sunk deep in Ganga, Jamuna and Brahamputra of India and Bangla Desh,and yet Najam Sethi is bent upon a job for himself.
Till the writing of these lines, news had been flashed on TV screen that Sheharyar Khan had resigned, but Najam Sethi had advised him against that. The birdman of PCB, fooling people for long on TV as the principle news breaker—he is briefed by people before hands, and he poses himself as the most knowledgeable man on TV — must be removed now from cricket board.
The government must now appoint an adhoc committee, frame a new and democratic constitution for PCB in which the role of the associations should be cardinal, for associations produce cricketers through their clubs. PCB is yet to find out talent, and yet Najam Sethi is trying to stay glued to his seat. Nothing could be bigger joke than this.