Pakistan taking war on terrorism to its logical end

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Ambassador to France Ghalib Iqbal has said that the country acted with resolve after terrorists’ attack in Peshawar and since then, the military operation against terrorists had been moving forward smoothly.

It would be helpful not only to Pakistan but also to the entire region, he said during an interview in a programme, aired by France-24 in the wake of Lahore attack.

During the hour-long debate, Ghalib said that the lives lost in terror attack in Lahore, were Pakistan’s loss and they felt sad about this.

“The factual situation is that terrorists attacked the children and women of Pakistan; they are on the run since we started a military operation against them,” he added.

Responding to a query he said, Pakistan had done a lot according to the National Action Plan. Pakistan was moving towards a direction `whereby we can eliminate the terrorists completely,’ he added. To another question, Ambassador said the world should know that Pakistan was also facing problems from other countries.

Recently, Pakistan arrested a serving Indian Navy commander who was involved in subversive activities in Pakistan, Ghalib said, adding the Indian spy was presented to the media with his complete confessional statement.

The Ambassador said there was no resurgence of terrorist elements as they were on the run and finding it difficult to conduct attacks in Pakistan. APP