Brazil can help overcome energy crisis: Ambassador

RAWALPINDI: Brazil’s Ambassador to Pakistan Claudio Raja Gabaglia Lins said his country could provide assistance in renewable energy sector, especially in wind power, solar and coal to resolve the issue of energy crisis.

He was talking to Acting President of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) Saqib Rafique during his visit to the chamber.

The ambassador said, “We have improved per hector yield through double cropping, corn after soybean. Similarly, poultry meat has huge potential and Pakistani exporters can take benefit from Brazilian expertise in this sector.”

The current trade volume between the two countries, he said, was around 300 million dollars which was very low. Brazil’s major imports from Pakistan were sports items, surgical tools, cotton, polymer and paper. More than 30% of exports were being carried out in agriculture and livestock sector, he added.

Acting President RCCI Saqib Rafiq underscored the need to translate the existing goodwill in building solid trade and commercial ties between the two countries. Brazilian expertise in information technology, dairy farming, livestock and renewable energy and infrastructure sectors was much needed in Pakistan, he added.

He said there was a need to explore nonconventional sectors like gem and jewellery, marble, information technology and pharmaceuticals.

Saqib urged the envoy to focus on increasing Pakistan’s exports to Brazil and attracting Brazilian investment for joint ventures. To benefit from the existing opportunities, exchange of delegations was important, he added.

He said single country exhibitions could be a great source of introducing products in each other’s markets. A Brazilian information desk was required at the chamber where members could get informational catalogues and brochures.

He invited envoy to bring Brazilian Companies representatives in the upcoming international trade and expo conference being organized by RCCI in August this year. APP