Israeli soldier shots a Palestinian in the head; video appeared

WEST BANK: A graphic video has appeared which shows an Israeli soldier is killing a wounded Palestinian man and shots in the head soon after the man had attacked another Israeli soldier in West Bank.

A human rights volunteer took the video Thursday morning as he witnessed a stabbing attack near the Tel Rumeida neighbourhood in the southern occupied West Bank. He sent the video to the group B’Tselem, which published it online.

The video begins moments after an Israeli soldier had been stabbed by two Palestinian men, just before Israeli settlers were due to hold a parade celebrating the festival of Purim. Monitoring Desk


The soldier is wheeled on a stretcher into a waiting ambulance, while one of the Palestinian men accused of the attack, Fatah Sharif, 21, lies on the ground after already being shot once. He is alive and moving his head, but appears to pose no threat to Israeli forces.