Pakistan to share its counter-terrorism experience in 34 countries alliance

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Commerce, Khurram Dastagir Khan on Friday told the National Assembly that Pakistan is expected to share its counter terrorism experience in the alliance of 34 Muslim countries led by  Saudi Arabia.

Replying to question, he said that Pakistan has consistently supported all regional and international efforts to combat militancy, extremism and terrorism. He said that the key objective of the alliance is to counter the threat posed by terrorist groups.

Pakistan has joined the alliance to fight against international militancy. He said that no agreement and memorandum of understanding(MOU) is singed with  any other country. He said that Pakistan has always maintained a principled position on Syria based on, impartiality and respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria.

He said  Pakistan supports all efforts employed at facilitating a peaceful Syrian-led solution that meets the aspirations of the people of Syria through a comprehensive political dialogue among the Syrians.

Khurram Dastagar said that Pakistan appreciates Syria’s compliance with the stipulations of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Pakistan fully supports the UN Security Council resolution 2254 which advocates for a political solution of Syrian crisis.

” We sincerely wish for the success of Geneva peace talks on Syria, also known as Geneva III, between the opposition and government of Syria. We hope that Syrian government and opposition groups would exercise restraint and settle their differences peacefully”, he said .

He said that Pakistan has welcomed the agreement reached between Russia and the United States at Munich on 21 Feb. 2016 for a nation-wide cessation of hostilities. “We wish to see that the ceasefire is implemented in letter and spirit” , he said .

He said that there is an urgent need that humanitarian aid is delivered to the besieged areas and the Syrian refugees crisis is addressed to alleviate the sufferings of the Syrian people. APP