Mustafa Kamal criticises Altaf Hussain, forms new political party

KARACHI: Former staunch leader and ex-mayor of Karachi, Mustafa Kamal in crowded press conference expressed his dissatisfaction upon the leadership of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and its supreme leader Altaf Hussain. He has returned after many years of self-exile.
Mustafa Kamal criticized Altaf Hussain for his deception and alleged him of sever crimes. In his speech he announced formation of new political party which he said is yet to be named. He raised a Pakistani flag and said it is the official emblem of his newly launched organisation.
“Today we are laying the foundation of an organisation, you may call it a party. We are just two individuals, myself and Anees Qaimkhani.”
Midway during the speech, Kamal broke down into tears while addressing the press conference, as he went on to make major revelations about the internal workings of the party and what he called the cult of personality made around Altaf Hussain.
“Every time the MQM joined the government, its position deteriorated,” Kamal stated.
“But Altaf sahab and the MQM instead of apologizing, began verbally attacking PTI women activists at Two Swords,” he said, adding that despite poor governance, the MQM was able to bag two more seats between 2008 and 2013. Monitoring Desk